Cooling Tower Bureau of Energy Efficiency 139 Figure 7.3 Range and Approach The important parameters, from the point of determining the performance of cooling towers, are: i) "Range" is the difference between the cooling tower … Curve "A" shows the performance of an extruded type blade with no hub seal disc. Look for signs of wood deterioration, including through cracks, fractures, or decay in wood members. Sump screen should be free of trash. The horizontal and vertical spacing between adjacent splash bars, Whether the splash bars are installed parallel or perpendicular to the louver face, Shape of the splash bar (wood lath, T-bar, V-bar, M-bar, half-round, etc. If a section of grid shows excessive deterioration, it should be replaced. For any cooling tower manufacturer ) (cps supply a wide range of cooling tower parts and services to enable reliable, trouble free operation for your cooling towers. Look for any loss of material resulting from corrosion or erosion. 4200mm long x 750mm dia coolining tower fan fan blade made of fibre glass. 7401 W. 129th St., Overland Park, KS 66213 | 1-800-4-MARLEY, About Us Connect With Us News Green Building and LEED Water Calculator UPDATE Selection Software Proof in Performance, Rep Search Contact Careers Terms of Use Cookies Privacy Policy SPX Partners Site Find Marley Parts. Use our online rep finder, or use this inspection request form! Good biological control is indicated by clean, clear water with no green or brown algae below the water line. In the event you need to order parts, note the following: Film fill consists of multiple parallel formed sheets, either hung in the tower or resting on fixed support members. Make sure that shafts and seals are in good condition. The cooling tower blades move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently. that blade area is not considered. Is it a 1994 Resco 3 Ton unit. Write the degree on a piece of paper. Inspect wood members both visually and by tapping with a hammer. Check condition of sump, sump screen, and anti-cavitation device (if one is used). Key words: blade angles, performance of a small cooling tower Measuring and Adjusting the Pitch angle of a cooling tower fan blades - Duration: 1:58. Assure proper blade tip clearances around the periphery of the fan. Look for any leaks between adjoining stack segments. �/��:̂L����T20�r00�b8q�*Ӌ%@��'���P�O� �vC Carefully examine the connections between the blades and hub. Most every week during one of our alignment training classes, we’ll get a question about aligning cooling towers.Most facilities we visit have them and a lot of … Cooling Tower Fan Blade Angle Measurement Tool by Saum Hadi Posted on February 16, 2020 Thermal performance evaluation of an dyson pure cool tower review the air cooler fan or tower learn cooling tower … It used 6 fiberglass blades with a tip to tip diameter of approximately 30 feet driven by a variable speed motor connected to a right angle drive gearbox through a 184” long flexible coupling. High Ceiling Fans With Lights And Remote Control. 87 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<0488E65975F1D38EC3A12DA806E904E2><707517D06574204E9A3C29A5853053F4>]/Index[66 39]/Info 65 0 R/Length 104/Prev 194722/Root 67 0 R/Size 105/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Look for sagging, broken or decaying splash bars or excessive buildup of scale. Figure 4, Results of Air Flow Test. Tighten all the bolts and nuts and … Always refer to your tower’s user manual if you have specific questions about your cooling tower. Pitch Angle - Blade tip angle below the horizontal required to do the design work and move air upward. Check the assembled joints of a fiberglass or plastic tower to be sure that hardware is tight and in good condition. 3mm, sheet metal spacer should be added under the tower support. When inspecting the fan, measure fan blade tip clearance all around the cylinder, using the longest fan blade. If your driveshaft includes a mid-span bearing, check the bearing carefully, adding lubricant as necessary. 2. grabbing at the fan center, rotating blades to the required Angle by another hand (keep an eye on the blades and fan heart scale); 3. turn the other blades to the same as the first fan scale; 4. lock screw. Also, examine the tower members that support the grid itself. Inspect wood, steel and fiberglass basins carefully for any signs of leaks or breakdown of sealing material. Planning ahead helps alert workers to potential safety hazards and take appropriate preventive action. possible to replace a three-blade fan with a four-blade fan, or vice versa, as long as the designed cubic feet per minute (cfm) is a match. ... COOLING TOWER AXIAL FANS BLADES - Duration: 0:31. Do you dread changing the angle on your saw blade knowing that you can't depend on the built in saw scale. 0 Check for adequate connection to branch pipe or distribution basin floor. The inspection should include, at a minimum, visual evaluation of the condition of the water and the distribution basins. Also check for erosion, sagging, torn sheets, or evidence of ice damage. The range at the Make sure that the bushings holding the pulleys on the shafts are tight and in good condition. Look closely for signs of corrosion near welded joints on galvanized steel towers. Note the material, arrangement and vertical spacing of louvers. 1.2 basics of cooling towers: 7kh ghpdqg iru hohfwulf srzhu kdv lqfuhdvhg wr vxfk dq h[whqw wkdw lw lv qrz qr orqjhu mxvwlildeoh wr vlwh wkh odujh srzhu vwdwlrq qhdu ulyhu vlgh¶v 7kh suhvhqw wuhqg lv wr orfdwh wkh vwdwlrq qhdu wkh ordg fhqwhu zlwk wkh xvh ri odujh dqg kljko\ hiilflhqw frrolqj wrzhuv Ceramic bricks are another type of splash fill. If you find soft spots, carefully probe with an ice pick or similar device. Check for loose or damaged bearings. However, some still include two shafts together with an intermediate bearing housing support. Fans serve the function of forcing or driving air throughout the cooling tower. Might be accurate to a degree or so. Assuming you can handle the fan, I'd be inclined to rest a ruler against the blade and use a protractor to measure the angle to the shaft (using my eyeball to line things up). Scheduling a regular, thorough inspection is an essential step in safeguarding the efficiency and lifespan of your cooling tower. Operate valve manually through its full range of travel and reset the valves to balance water flow to all basin sections. Look for evidence of corrosion or other damage on the tube, particularly near any welds. If you must replace any component in a two-shaft system, you should investigate replacing the entire system with a single-span shaft, which will reduce your maintenance costs dramatically. (b) T-260 and above: Made of aluminum alloy, the blades are freely adjustable by the pitch angle scale of the fan hub. Check alignment of both shafts and make sure that bearing hold-down hardware is tight and in good condition. Safety belts or single lanyard systems do not provide adequate fall protection. 4.1.2 Range Range is determined not by the cooling tower, but by the process it is serving. This was a Marley cooling tower, with a 60 HP motor, connected to the gearbox by a 48″ spacer shaft. These are general instructions, so some portions may not apply to your cooling tower. Interior Walkway Look for broken or deteriorated treads and rails on wood or fiberglass walkways. For example, a cooling tower sized to cool 4540 m3/hr through a 13.9 °C range might be larger than a cooling tower to cool 4540 m3/hr through 19.5 °C range. Look for any deterioration of the base material, such as wood rot or corrosion of steel louvers. We recently provided alignment training and assistance to the HVAC Group at the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, VA. Aligning cooling towers with spacer shafts can sometimes present a challenge. . Spot check the tightness of bolted joints. We work with the major manufacturers to supply high quality cooling tower maintenance supplies compliant with the appropriate safety legislation. X-8 Sports Fan Wearer Hang Neck Type Fan Aromatherapy Cooling Mini Fan 16.9 Mini Portable Electric Fan 2000mAh Handheld Rechargeable 3-in-1 USB Air Cooling Fold Tool … It is important to periodically inspect an operating cooling tower for good biological control and to have a proactive water treatment plan in place, per ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188 and Guideline 12. Kolkata, West Bengal The measurement of inlet dry-bulb temperature is required for natural draft and fan assist cooling towers. Be sure that all nozzle components (such as removable splash plates) are in place and working properly. Note particularly any corrosion or loss of metal in cold water basin components. Let's look at a typical case of fan selection for a new tower design. Knowing the angle of the blade and the distance … Measure the degree of pitch on the fan blade. Check for buildup of scale, algae, or other contaminants on the surface of the sheets. Air is being pushed out the sides of the top instead of directly out of the top of the unit. frequencies present at cooling towers: fan speed, motor speed & blade-pass frequency. h�b```f``�g`e``�fd@ A�(GcÁ��E���n����p(�zG��Bf��⇒l�R�q�ۅD�\�fz�%ED��$��2�D�Ɇ����@�a�00=/��@,Ia`�gY�����|�y Look for signs of wear, such as checks and gouges, indicating that belts should be changed. Check all connections between the tube and the flex elements, and between the coupling halves and the motor and gear drive shafts. Belt Drive Fan System Check the condition of the pulleys, looking for any corrosion or loss of metal in the pulley grooves or on the webs. Distribution Basin Check for deterioration of the basic material. Check fixed-pitch fan blades for corrosion or erosion. New tower. Position the bevel protractor on the fan blade near the tip on the concave side of the blade. If you must move the gearbox to correct a bolt bound situation, be sure to check the blade tip clearance. Before starting a cooling tower inspection it is important to identify all potential safety and health hazards associated with the work and identify how each hazard will be eliminated or controlled. In either case, consider replacing asbestos fill immediately. In other words, you can put you hand directly over the top of the unit and not feel anything. Spray Nozzles Check for clogging or signs of internal wear. Check the condition of louver support members, and of the connections between the louvers (supports) and the tower itself. Fin Fan Check if there is a system vibration issue Mark fan blade numbers with mark on each fan blade Fan Blade Pitch Fan Pitch Design. If you are searching for cooling tower fans, cooling tower fan manufacturers , industrial cooling tower fans, cooling tower fan blades, or cooling tower fans suppliers, Universal Tower Parts can help!. tower performance. Houston, Texas Fans Key to Optimum Cooling-Tower Design nomograph gives the reciprocal of the density ratio. endstream endobj 67 0 obj <> endobj 68 0 obj <> endobj 69 0 obj <>stream Check for proper belt tension and alignment. Safety first! Also look for rust-colored corrosion “pockets.” These pockets may be filled with black liquid that smells like rotten eggs. The measurement of Inlet Wet-Bulb Temperature is required for the testing of all types of cooling towers. Measure fan blade tip clearance all around the cylinder, using the longest fan blade. Tolerance between the diagonal length should not more than 3mm. Cooling Tower Hygiene An unclean tower can be an amplifier of unhealthy biological agents. Therefore other design parameters are also needed. Neal M. Brown 936 views. Archives All the air is coming out around the sides at the top. Poor control is detected by cloudy, dirty, or foul-smelling water. This data was obtained by a major cooling tower manufacturer who carefully measured air flow magnitude and direction across a blade in a full scale cooling tower. Marley® fan cylinders are crucial components for protecting fan blades, minimizing sound and vibration, and facilitating optimal performance across all cooling tower applications. • The vibration levels at both motor & fan speed are to be measured at the motor while the vibration levels at the blade-pass frequency is to be measured at the fan … Note the sheet material and spacing in case you plan to order parts. Getting Started with Cooling Towers "cooling tower" By Patrick Lawrence on October 17, 2011. Check the welds on steel and aluminum ladders. Cold Water Basin Check for excessive buildup of sludge and accumulated debris that can provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Angle Perfect III The Only Measurement Tool You Need to Set Up The Five Critical Elements of Your Table Saw Alignment ™ - The Angle Perfect setting device takes the guess work out of setting 45 & 90 degree saw blade angles. Check tightness of bolted joints in steel or fiberglass basins. Look also for fallen or misplaced splash bars. It is commonly stated that "the steeper the blade pitch, the more air a fan will move" or "a good fan will have a blade pitch of 14 degrees or more". M. R. Associates Beleghata, Kolkata No. Propeller fans may be either fixed-pitch, with welded or riveted connections between the blades and hub; or adjustable pitch, having bolted connections between the blades and hub and some means of readjusting blade pitch angle. If observed conditions indicate poor biological control, the tower should be thoroughly cleaned and the water treatment system evaluated. Marley h3 fan blade pitch adjustment; Marley x7 blade pitch adjustment; Measuring and Adjusting the Pitch Angle of a Cooling Tower Fan Blades Cooling Tower Fan Blade Angle Calculation. (a) T-25 – T-250: Made of reinforced plastic material, the blades are coupled to the fan hub by bolts and glue. Cooling towers offer the vibration analyst many challenges in sensor selection, mounting and ... and fans all need measurement and analysis of vibrations to improve reliability and extend equipment life. Check alignment using any approved method, such as a dial indicator or optical device. No overall vibration level standards are offered by CTI. Blade pitch is the angle at which the blades are set relative to parallel to the ground. O Check the fan shaft bearing lubricant, and re-lubricate if necessary. It’s the angle of the cooling tower fan blades relative to the shaft axis; cooling towers usually have propeller fans on the top to draw air through the tower. When you’ve filled out the checklist, use the results to help plan your cooling tower repair and maintenance. For each splash fill, check the condition of the splash bars themselves. Look for evidence of tearing or cracking in the structure. The following design data is required to select cooling towers: Flow Rate in GPM; Range of cooling in °F (T1 – T2) Area Wet Bulb Temperature in °F (Twb) The Design Heat Load is determined by the Flow Rate, and the Range of cooling, and is calculated using the following formula: Heat … However, it's important to have your blade set at an optimal angle for efficient air circulation and cooling. Blade # As Found After Adjustment Pitch must be within +1-0.20 Mount Protractor on Flat bar as base and place it approximately 1" from tip of blade Fan Blade Tracking As Found After Ad'ustment Clean cooling towers result from practicing biological testing and using effective biological control procedures, which also mitigate corrosion and scaling. Use this form to request a cooling tower inspection, and your localMarley® representative will contact you with more information. When inspecting stairways, be sure to look for evidence of wood decay or steel corrosion. Coupling or Drive Shaft Assembly – connect motor to gear box (assumes right angle configuration). Check the joints between the motor mount and its support. 3 ) Check the basin is regularly by using nylon string, tape to measure 4 angles of the basin. ). Check wood for decay, and check for corrosion of steel. When inspecting fill, look for sagging, broken or decaying splash bars or excessive buildup of scale. 20/3, Chawl Patty Road, Beleghata, Kolkata - 700010, Dist. Check the coating on steel grids, the condition of the welds on stainless wire grids, and the general condition of fiberglass grids. At a gulf coast facility one cooling tower fan experienced elevated vibration levels from the day it was commissioned. Cooling Tower Parts and Services. Many cooling towers ... Be sure to use a spot facing tool like the MH117-1B to simultaneously drill a hole and machine a flat mounting surface. Blades that are set at a lower angle will slice the air but not create proper air circulation. Examine metallic flex elements very carefully for signs of corrosion or fatigue. Do not replace a 1,200-rpm motor with a 1,800-rpm motor using the same fan blade, as the increased speed can cause the motor Spot check the tightness of bolted structural joints. Check the condition and tightness of all assembly and hold-down hardware. Inspect steel walkways for evidence of corrosion. Hudson fans all rotate clockwise looking into the airflow. ABS cooling tower fans are designed by adjustable fan angle, adjust process is as below: 1. using a wrench, loosen the lock screw. If necessary, temporarily remove a nozzle and disassemble it to look for internal clogging. Structure Inspect the structure of a steel tower for evidence of corrosion—particularly any loss of metal. %%EOF Check the support itself for evidence of corrosion or other damage, and check the tightness of connections between the support and the tower structure. When inspecting the gear drive, turn the fan off, check the oil level, and add or replace oil as necessary. Make sure that all connections between the bearing housing and the support are tight and in good condition. Basin Flow-Control Valves Inspect valve components for corrosion or signs of wear. Use these instructions to perform a thorough inspection on virtually any cooling tower. 104 0 obj <>stream h޼WQO�8�+~���;q�U�����U�w. For a ceiling fan to move the correct amount of air and achieve good circulation, you should set the blades at a 14-degree angle. Blade tip clearance: To provide effective cooling and to reduce vibration, fan blade tips should be equal across the plenum, or fan shroud. SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers, evaporative condensers and air cooled heat exchangers. Makeup Valve Operate the float valve or float switch manually to make sure that it opens and closes properly. Louvers Make sure that all louvers are in place. Always follow safety and health regulations published by local authorities. Check the tightness of connections between the walkway and the tower structure. Adjust tip clearance by adjusting the cylinder or support according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, it was found that the cooling tower can operate under all the given approaches (5 °C, 6°C, 7°C and 8 °C) at the blade angle of 67 ° by maintaining the cooling range of 5 °C, wet bulb temperature of 26°C, and water flow rate of 3.9 m3/h. How To Install A Marley NC Cooling Tower Episode 13: Fan Cylinder. Many driveshafts consist of a single span. Use the following general guidelines for basic worker protection. Consider replacing ACB louvers immediately regardless of condition. 3. A dull, low pitch sound indicates softness, while a higher pitched sharp sound indicates good solid wood. Inspect joint connectors for evidence of corrosion or other signs of deterioration. Cooling Tower Fan Blade Angle Measurement Tool. 7.2 Cooling Tower Performance 7. Pay particular attention to any damage or deterioration that may pose a potential safety hazard for operating and maintenance personnel. Ladder and Handrail Check general condition of material and make sure that all connections between the ladder and the tower are tight and in good condition. endstream endobj startxref Considered will be a 26 -ft, 28ft, or 30 -ft-diameter fan. Fan Cylinder (Shrouds) Check overall condition of the material, paying particular attention to any welds in steel shrouds. Two lanyards allow movement while providing fall protection at all times. Set the Blades. HP and RPM It is important to match a fan blade to a motor's horsepower and speed. Is there such a thing as different fan blade pitches for condensers? %PDF-1.5 %���� You’ll benefit from improved performance that modern high-efficiency fill designs offer. Replace cooling tower fan blades. Best Cooling Tower Fan 2019. Fall protection should be provided as required. Save time and effort with the MarleyInspections cooling tower inspections app, now available on iOS. Tear off a small piece of adhesive tape approximately 2 inches long and write "1" on it with your permanent marker. Direct Drive Fan System Make sure that the fan bushing is tight on the motor shaft and that the bushing and its hardware are in good condition. Inspect the integrity of basin support members. Examine elastomeric flex elements for cracks, brittleness or other signs of wear. Check for excessive scale buildup or biological growth. Splash fill consists of wood or plastic bars in various shapes, supported in a fixed spacing and orientation, usually using a wire or fiberglass grid. For nearly a century, we have provided exceptional quality equipment and service to the HVAC, process cooling, industrial, and refrigeration markets. Be sure that all supporting grids are in place and evenly spaced in the tower. Your Marley sales representative will be happy to help you with parts and service or to guide you toward a qualified service contractor. When a situation calls for climbing the cooling tower structure , workers should be equipped with a full-body harness and two shockabsorbing lanyards of at least six feet in length. Personal Protective Equipment Always follow local Safety and Health regulations regarding personal protective equipment (PPE). Duty requirements are 1.1 million actual cfm, 0.477 -in. That’s me, the trainer, inside the fan. We manufacture and supply high quality Cooling Tower Fans, Belts, and Fan Wind Milling Stops. Typical varieties include plywood, steel, ACB, fiberglass and cellular configurations molded on the fill sheets. Look for leaks between adjoining panels. h�bbd```b``��� ��3�de�,/���`�)��&��$X�0���+��j��� �z�2H2���)@���d&�.�U20҄�����#@� } Check the condition of support members. Always wear proper safety equipment when inspecting your cooling tower. At minimum, cooling tower workers should wear a hard hat, safety glasses or goggles, work gloves, and high-top leather boots with nonslip soles. 66 0 obj <> endobj 48 Wall Exhaust Fans With Louvers. Pay particular attention to the wood around steel or cast iron fasteners and connectors, as well as the bottom of columns. angle. 0:31.