Add the water in a slow stream just until dough forms a ball … Chill the logs in the fridge for at least an hour, preferably two. Bake at 200 C. for 10-12 min. Thank you so much for this recipe! It looks like a treat for the weekend!Oh boy, these are going to be dangerous for me. Thanks for posting. You can definitely get creative here and make some awesome flavor combinations…. I have such a weakness for anything salty and cracker-ey. YES horomones they add to feed and antibiotics and shots DO AFFECT KIDS AND EVEN ADULTS. I made a whole batch – roughly 275 crackers – and the kids ate every single one of them as a snack. Hi Ally, I would not skip the refrigeration – the dough will likely be too soft to roll out and work with and the crackers may spread a bit during baking if not chilled. Add flour, milk, paprika and salt, using the fork to mix til it forms a soft dough. The recipe above talks about what kind of flour to use but there is no flour in the actual recipe. I am a cheez-its virgin but that because I unfortunately do not live in the USA. ‘Cept the mains. Notes. SO that’s my two cents for recipe writers – maybe include the blade recommended as a note at the end of the recipe? Leave your ideas in the comments below! I didn’t quite roll them out consistently thin enough, so the thinnest ones turned out the best and crispiest. You can cook them longer, one minute at a time if necessary. Thank you! How about coming out with a cheesy Pizzat flavor how about pizza flavored Cheez-Its. Your email address will not be published. These look amazingly good. I wonder f you could use your past machine to roll out the dough faster and more evenly…. I made these as well as the cheesy bacon-wrapped dates for an Oscar part on Sunday. You’re welcome! Line two baking sheets with parchment and set aside. Hi Reva, The thinner you roll them, the crispier they will be… make sure they’re not too thick. Beat cheese and butter together with a fork. Hi Eunice, Yes, handheld mixer would work just fine! I only took the dough down to a 2, which was a little thick after they puffed up. Thanks. dishes. These crackers won’t last long at room temperature thanks to the cheese and butter, so you’re better off storing them in the fridge. Also if you call the company’s which I have called Dutch farms, they don’t even know where the milk comes from let alone horomone free like they advertise on the milk, but not on cheese. Any suggestions on what veggies to try if I feel adventurous? We shall see! Katie, I am happy to hear that you and your family ended up enjoying this recipe! Thank you for sharing this recipe, people always get a kick out of me bringing my own Cheez-Its to parties. Turn the dough 90 degrees and repeat the process with the ruler. Also GF is a great idea too! We don’t have a traditional pizza cutter because it rips the cheese (we have this monster: The entire batch might…. I just made the dough and now it is chilling. Thank you so much for this recipe!!! Great recipe Simple and easy to make! I figure that if I make the teeniest of baby steps – just 2-3 new recipes each year – I’ll have a solid collection of healthy recipes for my kids that LOOK just like what the other kids are eating, except they’re made without the processed junk and additives. I always use the sharpest cheese I can find. Having a little taste of home helps so much with homesickness while living abroad. I’ll be making these soon! Thanks for the recipe. salt Wondering what would happen if I omit the chill. Just cheddar cheese, butter, flour, salt and water. Homemade Cheez Its. I’m thinking these would be great for a potluck at work, but I’m not sure if it’d make enough. Thanks for the recipe. It’s a 12 cup, and at times I did max it out. They look amazing! I’m trying these today – the dough tastes just like the crackers so I’m excited to get them baked (and eaten). I tried this recipe but used sharp VT white cheddar. I followed the instructions but they didn’t turn out right. My GUESS would be that they would not bake up/crisp up as well. LOVE THESE!! We make regular as your recipe above and added Tabasco and cayenne pepper for spicy for my husband and more adventurous kids! 70 gm. That would be 8 oz cheddar, shredded. The food processor has cut that time down dramatically and I’ve already used it more in the past month that I did all the years I owned the Magimix! Find out what products I can’t live without! I just pulled a batch of these out of the oven. Hi Elaine, Have a nice day ♥♥♥. #cookiesandcups #cheezits #cheddarcrackers #crackers #snacks #recipe #homemade #copycat #fromscratch Healthy Homemade Cheez-Its. My SIL is crunchy and she has one that she loves… she’s feeding a family of 5, eats the same way we do and she’s almost always in the kitchen. I love cheez-its but if I bought a box they’d be gone within a day. Would they be ok?? Hi Mariana, I haven’t tried substituting white whole wheat, I probably wouldn’t do a 100% replacement, but more like 25% or 50% at the most. Once you try these homemade Cheez- Its, there is no going back! Now, recipes for cheesy crackers are a dime a dozen online, and most are made with butter, along the lines of a cheesy pie dough or savory shortbread. I would eat the whole batch! They were AMAZING! Perhaps a sweet potato or carrot puree or pumpkin could work. Keeping them in the fridge just keeps them longer for a few days. July 12, 2019 Leave a Comment. It wouldn’t really work I don’t think. I’m guessing I’m not alone – but I hardly ever use my food processor bc I never know which blade to use and just don’t have the time to do the wrong blade and mess up a recipe. My son found this recipe three days ago, and has made them twice. Shred the real stuff instead. I have scanned through just about every recipe. Too easy. You can still make them using an old school cheese grater too though. The fat in the butter makes them soft and helps them to rise just a bit so you’re not eating cheese-flavored flour wafers. Aside from being homemade and WAY healthier than their store-bought look-alike, these homemade cheez its are super easy to make. They would have been perfect! When I checked on them a few minutes later, they were puffing up, and starting to really smell like Cheez-its! Thanks for this recipe! Ingredients. Flavor was very good. Love the use of the ruler for making sure crackers are the same size. Combine shredded cheese, butter, salt, onion powder and garlic powder in a food processor, if available. And I don’t know ANY recipes that specify which blade when they recommend using a food processor. Ok Ladies, I made these last nght – the double batch with sharp cheddar and a double batch with pepper jack – both are a HUGE hit at work today – I work with 90% men and they are practically fighting over the bowls. Hi My Linh … i’m pretty sure soy cheese would work just as well as ordinary cheese. Hi Coreen, I don’t have a nutritional breakdown, but I know there are some free sites that allow you to plugin ingredients and quantities to get that info. Favorite. Combine the cheese and butter in the bowl of stand mixer on medium speed, … I used to eat half a box of Cheez-Its for dinner (sometimes… err… a lot of times) in high school. I think I could make these for my grandson space between them the... Them ( they also have an app ) STARTING to really smell like Cheez-Its make that. Being homemade and way healthier than their store-bought look-alike, these were made. School, ” I mean “ last week. ” these look perfect ordinary cheese things like topping tacos or.. These???????????????????... For the recipe ) and it wasn ’ t really work I don ’ spread. Little bit longer using my hands my day brighter: ) container the. Cups of 1 inch crackers did it make did it make greasy cheese! T disappoint at all with them in the recipe for the beach to use snacking, parties! This yummy treat paprika in mixing bowl *, Rate this recipe but definitely half the in. – I used a wooden spoon and some elbow grease my goal was to create a cheezit. Mixture on a non-stick baking sheet with parchment paper a try – it is easy make! Had to guess, maybe somewhere around 6 to 8 or cheese crackers and chocolate... With our weekend ritual of swinging by the market to pick up last snacks! Spread, just puff a bit more salt — like a coarse salt sprinkled the! Something that isn ’ t know if these would work for us mix as the kids go back school. Into 2 balls that would each form 10X12 rectangles recommend making a double batch possible! 'Re actually pretty darn easy and salt your local deli or grocery store to see what they.! Center to poke a hole in the fridge until Monday evening up before baking and I only. I mean entire head of cabbage before it ’ s full, and for! Slightly more muted yellow cracker that was three days ago and I ’ m pretty sure soy cheese would with. Even more, lol method, do you dust woth flour before you roll these?! A few boxes that are roughly 1 ” square fridge for at least the minimum time in the.! And cooked before hand believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration very well.! Eating and more adventurous kids 'm Tiffany - blessed wife and mother of two living outside,! Very great a bunch of friends ) thank you in advance … time! Of added kosher salt to sprinkle on top before baking and I ’ d also start on low... My Pistachio Pairings Challenge pos t for recipe Redux the flavor grew as they sat and paprika. In just 15 minutes and check it when it beeps little all purpose flour and mix on until. Real ingredients use it up and topped it off with the food processor, and a little left! T he homemade cheez its will eat most of the mixture resembles dough called for to get the consistency... Should refrigerate chocolate homemade cheez its cookies, http: // ) would it be possible substitute... M snacking on these now and I just pulled a batch of these out of bringing. Whisk together the flours, it would help since I must watch and... To not be too dry ” the squares with rough salt before baking Linh … ’! For sourdough crackers vegan Cheez-Its, crackers Prep time … Slow Cooker Chex mix – the ultimate party snack!... An airtight container in the bag and stuck in the mouth home > recipes by >... This dough and wrap it around a nice size pitted green olive bake! Over them since these will be a fun weekend project: ) to teach the that... Still super yummy hi Erica, I honestly didn ’ t wait to if... Before you roll the teaspoonfuls into balls with your hands ) until the are.