This color is found in the latest official AKC (American Kennel Club) breed standard. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Since these colors are considered disqualifiying faults and completely go against the breed standard (the very definition of the Boston Terrier), breeding them could never be done with the purpose of improving the breed. These guys are actually rare, just like any other albino breed. This color looks a lot more blue when you see me in person, than what these pictures show. The nose color of a Red Boston Terrier should match its paw color as well. Copyright 2012 Colored Boston Terrier Truths. Seal with white markings 3. In order to find out what the standard colors were I visited the American Kennel Club website along with the Boston Terrier Club of America. In other words, there is NO written standard that would EVER have allowed red, blue, lilac, champagne, etc.Â, When purebreds are bred AGAINST the standard set forth by their respective breed clubs, there can be no positive contribution to the breed from any of these dogs and it is NOT in the best interest of the breed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Also … Red, Fawn, Gold and Blue- About Colors Boston Terrier Colors, Red, Chocolate, Blue, Fawn, Honey Gold, Cream, non-traditional, non-standard color information. I wanted to make sure that I was getting the correct information from the right sources. All dog breeds have a parent club. The key to recognizing a good Boston is in the color of the nose and eyes. Color and markings are important when distinguishing this breed from the AKC standard. What IS rare is finding nice ones that breeders are trying to breed to the standard and have been health tested, not bred JUST FOR COLOR, which unfortunately has been the case in a lot of instances. These purebred Boston Terriers should also have a black nose and brown … There are several pages still under construction), "To those who 'must be doing something' and who find a certain sense of satisfaction in tinkering with the standard, we extend our pity, and state that experience is a hard school but some people will learn in no other.Â, To those of us who love the dog as he is and who believe in 'letting well enough alone', we must admit we might as well suggest to improve the magestic proportions of the old world cathedrals and castles we all love so much to see, or advocate the lightening up of the shadows on the canvas of the old masters, or recommend the touching up of immortal carvings of the Italian sculptures.Â, We advise the pracher to stick to his text, and the shoemaker to his last, and to all those who would improve the standard we say: Hands Off!". Call Us Today! Who is the Boston Terrier Club of America and Why Do They Get To Say What Colors Are Allowed? 660-909-9755. However many of their characteristics were NEVER accepted by the BTCA / AKC standard and they have been disqualified completely from the breed standard for over a century. The Boston Terrier is a lively, highly intelligent, smooth coated, short-headed, compactly built, short-tailed, well balanced dog, brindle, seal or black in color and evenly marked with white. A Black nose and Dark eyes. The Boston Terrier COLOR/MARKING/PATTERN are this: – Brindle & White – Black & White – Seal & White. The Boston Terrier is characteristically marked with white in proportion to either black, brindle, seal, or a combination of the three. Please contact us anytime! The head is in proportion to the size of the dog and the expression indicates a high degree of intelligence. Even during the very beginning in the late 1800's when many colors were used in the creation of the breed, most had eyes and nose colors that were never acceptable in the breed,even from the very first breed standard, and every updated standard since. If a breeder loves the Boston Terrier breed, they do not try to change it to fit their own preferences or to meet the market demands of a well meaning but poorly educated public with regards to the breed itself.Â, This website was not created to personally put down breeders of these color faulted Boston Terriers, or to devalue anyone's existing pet who may be a disqualified color. The Nose Color Of A Red Boston Terrier. This color looks a lot more blue when you see me in person, than what these pictures show. 5 Reasons Why They Are ». The nose color of an actual Red Boston Terrier is reddish-brown, not black. I was born on November 3rd, 2019 and will be ready for my new home on December 29th, 2019. They are purposely breeding hundreds (likely thousands) of "red", "blue", cream", "lilac", "champagne", "fawn", and "splash" Boston Terriers. These are examples of so-called “rare” Boston Terrier colors. If it is intentional, then it is a poorly bred dog. There has been a strange movement happening in the world of Boston Terriers over the pat few years. Rare Boston Terrier Colors. Tad will definitely catch your heart easily as he loves people around. I'm up to date on all my vaccinations, dewormer, and have been vet checked from the tip of my head to the tip of my tail! When deciding on the color of the Boston Terrier that you’ll buy, of course, the cost must also be considered. Brindle Boston Terriers qualify for the dog shows. Meet this rare color Blue Boston Terrier Pup with blue eyes! Page 110. The first thing you noticed about these dogs is their different color coat. And there are brindles and brindles. A Boston Terrier is either black and white, seal and white (NOTE! The liver, brown, cream, or red-colored ones are usually called rare, though they do not meet AKC standards, that is why the breeders may charge a higher price for these coat types. You can find red Boston Terrier dog in different darker or lighter shades of red. Boston Terrier come in three recognized colors: black & white, seal & white, and brindle & white, with specific breed-standard markings. The coat has a base color with slightly darker striping. History – Boston Terriers were originally bred in the 19th century and are thought to have been bred from English Bulldogs and English Terriers. Since these colors are considered disqualifiying faults and completely go against the breed standard (the very definition of the Boston Terrier), breeding them could never be done with the purpose of improving the breed.
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